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Calvert Medical Debt Settlement

When it comes to medical debt, many people face the same problem. As accidents unexpectedly occur and medical conditions worsen, even people with good healthcare insurance are not spared from accumulating medical debts.

Medical debt settlement services

If you are in a situation where medical debt settlement is now necessary, our Calvert medical debt settlement experts are more than happy to help you succeed.

You are never alone as you deal with your medical debts. At Optimal Debt Solutions, our team of expert negotiators will make sure that from the beginning till the end of your medical debt settlement process, your account will be a step closer to being debt-free.

Besides quality service, we also guarantee that you wonโ€™t be subjected to any additional financial problems. With us, no upfront and add-on fees will be deducted from your assets. Our team will make sure that your medical debt payment plan is well-negotiated with the creditor. Only then we’ll be asking for the fee; an efficient debt settlement service will be worth every dime you’ll spend.

Do not wait until your medical debts become practically impossible to settle. Let us start helping you achieve financial freedom today.

Call Optimal Debt Solutions at (205) 784-1723 for a Free Consultation with our Calvert medical debt settlement expert now!

Efficient Medical Debt Settlement Process

debt consolidationMedical debts can only be settled if they are already in collections. To prevent them from ending up there, the following things can be done:

Check for any errors in your medical bill.

Itโ€™s not rare that errors may be found in bills. Make sure that you watch out for any discrepancy that could inflate the medical bill you should be paying. There should be no overcharging or double-billing reflected in your medical bill. Also, make sure you really received every item or service that’s listed in your report.

Ask for a payment plan that will work well with your budget.

You can go to your doctorโ€™s office and ask for a payment plan that they can set up for you. This is highly recommended if you canโ€™t pay all your medical bills in one payment. Paying through affordable installments will help in keeping your medical debts from ending up in collections.

Negotiate for a more affordable medical bill.

Itโ€™s ridiculous to be ashamed about negotiating for a lower price. If you really cannot afford to pay the full original amount of your medical bill, explain the situation to your healthcare provider, and ask them if they can allow any reduction. The deal could either be for a one-off cheaper payment or a more flexible payment plan for requiring decreased monthly fees.

How Medical Debt Settlement Works

debt settlement advisorNegotiation with your creditors to pay less than your original debt balance is what medical debt settlement is all about.

Allowing Optimal Debt Solutions do this on your behalf ensures a higher rate of success in acquiring a favorable settlement agreement.

This is how the process works:

1. You will deposit money to a special account after you stop making monthly payments.

2. Optimal Debt Solutions will then negotiate with your creditors for a lower debt payment once you have enough money in that account.

3. After we successfully negotiate with your creditors and pay the new full amount, your medical debt should be considered fully paid.

4. Once all your debts are settled, we will then collect an affordable service fee.

Calvert Medical Debt Settlement Experts

financial freedom through debt relief servicesIf you want a trusted company that will handle your medical debts from the start to the end of your settlement process, call the right debt settlement company.

We have a team of Calvert, AL medical debt settlement negotiators who will talk to your creditors on your behalf to ensure that your debts are settled favorably.

We understand that itโ€™s not easy to fully pay your medical debts due to emergencies or necessary health services. Don’t worry, we can help you clear them away.

Optimal Debt Solutions has extensive experience in successfully settling debts. We are not some sales group that will pass on your financial data to another company. Instead, we will assess your situation with utmost meticulousness, determine the appropriate solution to your financial issue, then settle your debts with your creditor in the most efficient way possible.

Additionally, we only require a settlement fee from you once the whole process is over; no upfront fee, no add-on fee. Thatโ€™s a good deal you wouldnโ€™t usually see from other similar medical debt settlement companies.

Let us help you clear your debts today.

Free Consultation with a Medical Debt Settlement Expert

Calvert Medical Debt Settlement optimal logoAfter undergoing medical procedures that are terrifying and painful, you donโ€™t deserve to have a financial burden. Instead, what you deserve is to have nothing to worry about. Achieve financial freedom through our Calvert medical debt settlement services that will help you settle your medical bills.

Call Optimal Debt Solutions at (205) 784-1723 for a Free Consultation with our Calvert medical debt settlement expert now!